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"Our mission is to create an unforgettable, spine-chilling experience for our community and guests everywhere by combining exceptional craftsmanship and entertainment through our volunteer work. We aim to foster a sense of togetherness and pride in our community. Our hope is to bring out the best in people, near and far, through the energy that is put into our themed haunted house. Everybody's fingerprint is unique, and with all of us working together, we will create a fun experience for all to enjoy."

Countdown to Halloween 2024


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Embrace the spirit of the season and show your support by grabbing our haunted house-themed merchandise! Not only will you rock a chillingly cool look, but each purchase also helps fund our volunteer-driven community efforts, ensuring more thrills and scares for all come every Halloween night.

Meet the Boo Crew

Don & Carolyn Schiro

Chief Designer, Builder, Prop Builder, Candy Booth Host

Bob Schiro

Project Manager

Jeanene Schiro

Decorator, Host

Sara Schiro

Prop Artist

Amie Schiro


Alex Smith

Electrical & Audio

Jake Ulicki

Equipment Supplier

Francis Hamada

Photographer, Prop Supplier

Candice Brandt

Director, Actress

Spencer Durano


Ryan Martelino

Host, Builder, Actor

Neen Martelino

Host, Actress

Robert Jasmen


Aiden Mcginley

Builder, Actor

Rick Lougee

Builder, Actor

Michele Lopez

Builder, Decorator, Actress

Patrick Madden

Builder, Actor

Mary Jasmen

Builder, Actress

Pat Kneeland

Builder, Host

Alison Kneeland

Event Coordinator, Decorator

Mike McCormick

Specialized Prop Builder, Decorator, Actor

Tammi McCormick


Manny Rios

Specialized Prop Supplier

Eve Levine

Prop Artist

Erik Levine

Photographer, Builder, Actor

DeAnn Madden

Acting Coordinator, Host

Kyle Smith


Chloe Faultner

Web Architect, Social Media Manager, Actress

Kevin Ryan

Head Carpenter

Katy Ryan

Prop Decorator Specialist, Actress

Joey Childs

Prop Supplier

Cam Avila, Rose Wiley, Ada Avila


Chase & Diana Wong

Builders, Prop Engineers, Actors

Dennis Carpio


Dillon Dagama

Builder, Actor

Chad Anderson

Builder, Actor

Caleb Levine

Specialized Prop Builder, Special FX Artist, Actor

Audry Rumsby

Pumpkin Carving Speacialist

Brian Schott


Andrey Dini

Builder, Prop Supplier, Actor

Tiffany Ratsch

Special FX Artist, Prop Builder, Actress

Jon Ratsch

Special FX Engineer, Builder, Actor

Laura Z.

Prop Supplier, Actress

Tim Z.

Prop Supplier, Builder, Actor

Janine Sevilla

Prop Specialist, Actress

Tim Madden

Actor, Builder

Tim Madden II

Actor, Builder

Brenden Moran


Chris Kha

Builder, Actor

Javier Lopez


Brenda Smith

Chef, Host, Actress

Jeff Eich

Lighting Specialist

Dee-Dee Hulgan


Gary Giammona


Tamiko Carrillo

Special FX Makeup Artist

Rich Burguillos

Sound Program Specialist, Builder

Steve McKeown

Builder, Actor

Linghua Carlsen


Audie Wison

Builder, Actor

Kai Graham


Jay Johnson

Prop Supplier, Builder, Actor

Martin Ucovich


Roger Apolinar

Producer, Pilot

Jessica Madden

Builder, Actress

Donna Sole


Larry Tringali


Julie Schiro

Candy Booth Host

Steven Schiro

Candy Booth Host

Terry Drymonacos


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Thank You to Our Donors!

Interactive 360 Experiences

Click and drag to pan the camera around while the video plays to see everything inside as well as our guests’ reactions!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been building these houses?

10 years at Bob Schiro's kids school and 13 years in our neighborhood.

How much does it cost to build these houses each year?

The price definitely can add up, but with all of the gracious donations from everyone, it really does help out.

What day are you open for visitors?

We are open on Halloween and November 1st from 4:00pm to 10:30pm. 4:00pm to 6:15pm is a no scare zone and 6:30pm - 10:30pm is the scare zone.

Do you charge people to go through the house?

No we don't! Walking through is completely free on both days we are open and there is no ticket required for entry!

Do you live here?

Our houses are all built on our driveway which means we live behind each structure.

How long does it take to build each house?

We start in August and finish right up to Halloween! 3 months of hard and dedicated work!